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Guildford Street Capital

The objective of Guildford Street is to develop into a diversified holding company, with interests in, inter alia: oil and gas, coal, next generation clean energy power plants, property, rare earth minerals and corporate finance.

The corporate finance arm - ranging from the provision of finance to successful companies all the way through to the corporate restructuring and refinancing of ailing businesses - helps to facilitate deal flow.

To enhance and increase the liquidity of the Group, its various investments in these chosen sectors will predominantly be held through subsidiary and associated companies that are stock market listed or where a market in the shares of each investment exists. Again, the corporate finance division of the Group can help with such listings which will also generate revenue for the Group from corporate finance fees.

The Board of the Company is currently Allan Biggar, Jeremy Chivers and Andrew Irvine and will be strengthened following each substantial investment or acquisition that the Company makes.

Our Approach

Guildford Street Capital seeks investments in both public and private equity situations. Taking each opportunity on its merits our investment strategy is neither sector specific nor geographic specific rather our investment criteria are based on whether the investment is cash generative and increases our own shareholder value.

We make decisions quickly are agile when negotiating deals. Working with world class accountants, lawyers, and advisors we pride ourselves in efficient and transparent deal execution. Our aim is to seek a public listing for the Company or merger/acquisition which would achieve an exit for our shareholders.

Our Portfolio

Clean coal, power the world we live in

Powering America - USA Coal – with a significant volume of electricity in the USA still being generated by coal and with Met Coal prices much higher than 3 years ago we’re working closely with partners to bring returns to our shareholders.

In Alabama we are in discussions to acquire a mixed Bio-Fuel plant which combines bio-mass and coal to produce very low emission electricity.

Building our communities – investing in affordable housing and commercial real estate

Strategic commercial development over the long term provides excellent returns. In the short term we seek opportunities to take options on land and buildings where we can see opportunities to develop the site concerned or link it to neighbouring communities.

Gas still at the heart of industry

Where you have coal you generally have gas and we are working on early stage gas liquification plans in Virginia.

Creating wealth and generating capital to help business grow

Guildford Street Capital Limited holds a 67% shareholding in Whetstone Capital Group plc an Alternative Investment Fund targeted at energy, property, technology, and professional services. Please see for more information.

5,500,0000 shares traded in 4 weeks
Shares up from 2.5p to 24p
1600 new shareholders

Commenting on GSC investment in Whetstone Capital Group plc, Allan Biggar GSC Chairman said he was delighted with the launch of the Company and that it had achieved its target to bring in more than 1600 small investors. In the four weeks since Whetstone shares commenced trading on the Britdaq matched bargain platform over 5,000,000 of its shares have been traded, rising from an initial launch price of 2.5p they peaked at 34.5p before settling back to trade at around 24p.

In addition, our own team trade publicly quoted securities which helps to generate cash to fund our business, to utilise cash balances in a highly productive manner that produces revenue for the company and ultimately dividends to shareholders.

Creating new financial markets through an innovative approach to trading debt and harnessing the new world crypto currencies

Our team are working to build innovative solutions to corporate debt and company restructuring. With business failures such as Carillion rocking the business world the need to provide alternative funding sources and access to capital for restructuring is stronger than ever. In 2018 we’ll be publishing details of a product aimed at releasing hidden cash from distressed assets. We are constantly looking for opportunities to provide liquidity funding to listed companies as well as opportunistic finance to acquire distressed assets at a substantial discount to the inherent market value.

Investing in Rare Earths essential elements for a 21st Century technology driven world

Almost every electronic device has relied on high tech metals known as Rare Earths. Global demand significantly outstrips supply. Through our mining experience we are looking at opportunities to invest in joint venture exploration and production in Greenland and other locations.

Our Investment Criteria

  • It is an old business saying but we believe ‘Cash is King’.
  • We believe in maintaining a high proportion of easy to liquidate investments. Those investments may be either in the form of publicly traded stock or private company stock that can be turned into cash over a pre-agreed period through either sale or IPO of the investee company. The exception is where an investee private company creates attractive long-term dividends and/or capital growth. Before making an investment or acquisition, we need to be clear on the exist strategy or to be satisfied that the investment will generate sufficient cash that retaining the investment on a long term basis is preferable.
  • We don’t like debt and we are in business to make a profit.
  • All investments made by the Company must meet a basket of criteria. Top amongst our criteria is that our investments should increase our net profitability and net cash flow. Additionally, investments must generally increase our current assets and increase our net asset value per share.
  • We do not like to incur debt, so investments should generally not lead us to incur indebtedness, either directly or by cross guarantee.

Company Information

Name of Company: Guildford Street Capital Limited
Number of Shares in Issue: 20,010,000
Place of Incorporation: England
Company Number: 10868344
Directors: Allan Biggar
Registered Office: Fiary Court, 65 Crutched Friars, London EC3N 2AE


Anstey Bond LLP
1 Charterhouse Mews, Clerkenwell, London EC1M 6BB
Tel: 00 44 (0) 207 014 8060

Legal Advisers to the Company

Holman Fenwick Willan LLP 

Friary Court

65 Crutched Friars



Registrars/CREST Service Provider 

Link Market Services Shareholder Services (Formerly Capita)

34 Beckenham Road




News and Announcements

News and Announcements coming soon

Our Future Plans

Short/Medium term:

  • Build a portfolio of profitable cash generative investments which meet our investment criteria.
  • Generate cash and increase out net assets.
  • Look for strategic fits for businesses and restructuring opportunities when we can.
  • Keep it simple… we believe business works best when it is kept simple.
  • Pay dividends regularly to our shareholders.
  • Seek our own listing on a regulated market

Medium/Longer term:

  • Look for an opportunity to sell all or part of our portfolio to generate a cash return to our shareholders
  • Create long term wealth and income for our shareholders.
  • Above all remain agile, opportunistic and cash rich.

Contact Us

Guildford Street Capital Limited, 65 Crutched Friars, London EC3N 2AE
Tel: (OO44) O2O3 954256O
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